Lueder Construction Co is located at 9999 J St B Omaha, NE 68127 | Phone: +1 402-339-1000


9999 J St B Omaha NE 68127

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Lueder Construction Co
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Darwin Mornan
Darwin Mornan
13:50 07 Sep 19
Always a great company to work with!
Edwards Roberts
Edwards Roberts
18:18 27 Nov 18
Hired on as superintendent. All the time in training to learn the "lueder way" i was told that lueder was different.... After being assigned to a job. The sub contractors were at best below average. I asked for help constantly with no results. Did not receive a schedule until 3 weeks after starting the job. I was let go because the customer requested it? Really? No explanation or anything. I guess it was my fault to actually believe and hope that lueder was different. They are just another GC. Good luck if you work here and dont get your hopes up. You will be greatly more
Patricia Cloonan
Patricia Cloonan
11:35 24 Sep 18
These gentleman worked on the sidewalks for my landlord and decided it was ok to come up to my house and use my hose... and water without permission and after they left my hose running for 30 minutes I went to turn it off and saw they broke some of my property. When confronting the main guy at first he tried to deny it and said it’s his hose until he realized I had pictures and a video then he denied breaking it and said he noticed it was broke yesterday! Hmm why would you be by the front of my house the day before unless you used my water and hose without asking then! No it wasn’t broke until they pulled the hose and broke it. Then I get cussed out and told it was a $4 piece of shot anyways! Can’t deny any of it as I have everything on video surveillance!! Also, if you didn’t break it why in the video did he come pick up a drill that was sitting right by what he broke? Very unprofessional so a property damage report was made and also contacted the BBB!read more
John Love
John Love
02:35 09 Sep 18
Great company to work for you are treated like family
Lindsay Otto
Lindsay Otto
02:54 10 Nov 16
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