Gehring Construction & Ready Mix Co Inc is located at 5424 W Meadow Dr Columbus, NE 68601 | Phone: +1 402-564-2841


5424 W Meadow Dr Columbus NE 68601

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Ron Lane
Ron Lane
22:09 16 Jan 19
Your company has a driver who was driving southbound on 204th st in Omaha today between 12:30 & 1:00pm he was an older... man driving a 2 tone big rig, maroon on top and white on bottom of truck and he was driving right on my bumper and then he switched lanes and drove on a old ladies bumper for a good mile or so and then he cut me off in the lane I was in and if I wouldn’t have slammed on my brakes he would’ve took off the front of my freight liner I drive for work I pulled up next to him and motioned I was goin to call his company and report him so he thought it’d be cute and call my company just to tell them I’m a idiot and rude!! I really hope you guys can figure out who this man is because he’s going to kill someone driving the way he was and then your company is going to have a huge lawsuit because of him! I’ve been driving for 20+ years and I know for a fact he would be fired for his driving if it were any other company! Good luck to you with this driver on your payroll!!read more
Psychotic Bastard
Psychotic Bastard
00:39 31 Mar 18
Richard French
Richard French
08:51 17 Aug 17
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