Rock Hill Dog Ranch is located at H C 74 Box 13 Newport, NE 68759 | Phone: +1 402-244-5512


H C 74 Box 13 Newport NE 68759

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Rock Hill Dog Ranch
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Misty Sweezy
Misty Sweezy
02:28 27 Apr 20
Got our dog, Odin from Rock Hill. Good experience, love our dog, healthy happy puppy.
Austin Yurko
Austin Yurko
17:22 15 Apr 19
I have had an incredible experience, despite the reviews & rep of Rock Hill Dog Ranch.• First off, yes, I was... scared of the reviews I had read AFTER I had signed a deposit & agreement with Rock Hill Dog Ranch (My mistake by neglecting to research).. ALTHOUGH, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Here's why;• I contacted Milton & Audrey immediately after reading the reviews as this was my first puppy, and I was terrified of potential health concerns.. Milton & Audrey were completely understanding, and willing to hear me out. • On top of that, they had a legitimate answer for everything and we're more than willing to answer every question I had - at the end of the conversation, I was fully convinced that the reviews on google are simply a misunderstanding.• Reviews are only relevant when they're bad reviews, as that is what 99% of people will read.. But i'm here to tell you my puppy is amazing, and checked in full by multiple vets who have confirmed his health to be 100%.• Rock Hill Dog Ranch will also give you a 1 year health guarantee (standard) - which shows you the confidence in their pups.I DO recommend Milton & Audrey, as my pup is of great health & happiness!read more
Melanie Gade
Melanie Gade
15:30 21 May 18
Six puppy mills in Nebraska appear in a new Humane Society report, "The Horrible Hundred," which was published earlier... this month with a list of 100 problem mills in the United States. Nebraska is eighth on the list of states with the most problem puppy mills. Missouri leads with 23.The Nebraska locations, and the violations listed in the Humane Society report:* Jeff Dross, Fort Calhoun: Failed state inspection; dogs only given fresh water about twice a week; feces aren’t cleaned for five to seven days.* Mark Griesman at Prairie Chesapeakes, Grand Island and Wood River: Insufficient water, food and shade; dangerous and decaying shelter; unacceptable veterinary care.* Diana Burden at Tall Pine Kennels, Orchard: Puppies found in the cold, without bedding; unsanitary conditions; received official state warnings in 2016 and 2017.* Milton Lewis at Rock Hill Dog Ranch, Newport: Cases of sick or injured dogs; report of one puppy that had its leg torn off; 14 dogs were euthanized because they were not wanted or had burrs in their fur.* Mitch and Alisa (Alica) Pesek, Swanton: Cited for wounded and underweight dogs several years in a row; keep dogs outside without protection from weather.* Jo Ann Steiger at In God’s Hand Kennel, Randolph: Insufficient veterinary care and unsanitary conditions, such as accumulation of more
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