Social Media Marketing – Post Covid-19

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I have seen a major shift in online marketing. It reminds me of what older sales people say happened to the telephone.

“And then one day people were just mad that we called.”

Guess it’s still kind of believable that before the internet the telephone was the only way to buy things. People were happy when a saleman called, it saved them from having to make the call.

People became reliant on other people helping them buy things. It was kind of a status symbol, oh you don’t have a blender. A salesman called and told me how to make my own milkshakes.

Similar to social for a while or the premium services. Oh, you don’t have Amazon prime? It comes with music, video and free 2 day shipping. I didn’t want to pay shipping and saw all it came with.

We’ve been talking ourselves into things for awhile now. Long before business started.

But people are now starting to talk themselves out of things more than into and I don’t think it’s only because of the current pandemic.

I’m getting to the meat of this trust me… I’m only crazy like a fox.

People are slowly starting to not respond to things they agree with. They silently nod and keep scrolling.

Not sure if you really understand how insanely big and bad this is for social marketers like me.

We sell social to businesses as a way to build an online community. To engage with people and build a following that wants to buy.

What social is really turning into is more like our telephone example. Where people agree with the business but also see them as a necessary evil.

What comes next though?

“One day people were just mad that we called.”

But this isn’t a doom and gloom post and I do have a solution.

I’m going old school and I’m 28 so we’re going wayyyy back to the olden days. Like 10-20 years ago lololol.

TV ads like social posts, are outbound content that have an inbound purpose. They are a necessary evil for anyone that watches network television.

But why don’t we boycott TV and demand they make it for free? Cable is paid tv that still has ads! Radio ads are the same animal.

Because MERICA and it really doesn’t cause that much pain. People do enjoy good commercials BUT, they don’t respond. They silently nod, many will never pick up the phone and go-to the website to find the number and call lol.

I’m sorry that everyone has had to deal with my dumb humor but I have fun writing these. I promise this is the full meat and potatoes. No more enterupions from me the peanut gallery. (Hmm seems like a commercial for Cody Tucker and how personable he is. Maybe I should follow him and his ad agency…)

TV ads like billboard work on impressions and ad lift or recall.

Lift is how long you remember an ad you just saw.

My solution to this giant change in how people act toward social content is this. Create content for the lift and not the like, comment or share.

Like this piece, it’s pretty well written. Prob a few typos and grammar mistakes because I didn’t let my wife read over it first. But you just might remember me for around 10-60 seconds if I’m lucky.

But what I hope you do is this, follow my profile or send me a friend request. Maybe you want to follow my agency TMV – Social.

Then it’s ok to forget about me, then at least you have a chance to create better content for your customers.

We’re going to have to step our content game up if we are going to rise above the negativity and fear that is taking up our feeds.

We might have to play the new media giants because organic reach may start to downturn one day soon.

People are much happier commenting what they don’t like rather than how you are a great person and you deserve my business.

See you on the next post!



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